Broiler breeders farm - Italy (6.460 breeders)


Country: Italy
House density: 6 females/mq
N° of houses: 2
Dimension: 10x50 m, 12x48+3m
N° of breeders: 6.460


- AVIO and AVIO-D: 1 tier automatic communal nest, 16+15 elements, belt width 500mm
- ARIES: polypropylene slat of 1,8 m both sides, with stainless steel legs
- N°2 lines of drinkers with nipples every 20 cm
- FLATLINE: chain feeding system, 2 loops speed 19/38m/min. with motorised winching
- ATOS: 2 lines of automatic pan feeders by auger for cocks
- SPIRALINE: cross auger from silos, D.90 for females
- Feed weighing with platform