Free range commercial layers farm - Germany (8.000 layers)


Country: Germany
Installation year: 2012
N° of houses: 1
Dimension: 14+4+4x51 m
Total covered area: 1.122 mq
N° of commercial layers: 8000
Density: 9 hens/mq


- AVIO 2T: 2 tiers automatic communal galvanized steel nest, 18 elements, belt width 50 cm. Egg collecting with elevator
- ARIES: 4.2 m of polypropylene slat on both sides with 7,5% slope
- DRINKERS: 4 lines of drinkers with nipples with couple each 20 cm
- FLATLINE: chain feeding system, 4 loops all over the slats, speed of the chain 19m/min
- PERCHES 296: adjustable three round pipes perches with supports each 2.7 m
- SPIRALINE: cross auger from silos diameter 90 mm
- VENTILATION: management of the ventilation system of the shed, includeded with: fans, flaps, mobile roof, outlets