Organic layer farm for table eggs - Italy (1.480 layers)


Country: Italy
N° of mobile houses: 2
Dimension: 9,2x15,0 m
N° of layers: 1.480 (740 each house)
House density: 6 birds/mq


- Galvanised steel structure
- Walls and roof made by insulation panels 40 mm thick
- N°4 outlets, with wooden ladder
- Film sliding curtains
- Displacement with wheels kit


 - AVIO: 1 tier automatic communal nest, 5 elements, with manual egg collecting table, belt width 300 mm
- ARIES: polypropylene slat of 2.40 m both sides
- Metal perch m. 135 (total)
- N°4 lines of dinkers
- FLATLINE: chain feeding system n°1 loop