Pullet farming - Northern Italy ( 30,000 pullets)

Country: Northern Italy
Installation year: 2013
Number of houses: 1
Dimensions: m.105x12
House surface: 1260 m2
Useful surface: 1606 m2
Number of birds: 30,000
House density: 18,6 pullets/m2 (useful surface)

The installation, created specifically for breeding pullets, presents innovative features which distinguish it from aviary farming.
The equipment is supplied with a self-supporting frame, completely independent from the house structure, mobile slats are assembled longitudinally to the shed, dividing the house in different areas and facilitating the management of the first days of the cycle.
The feed is distributed by chain feeding loops FLATLINE supplied with perches and winching system.
The position of the perches facilitates birds to the achievement of the higher floors of the structure, preparing them to the growing period in aviary.
The drinking system is made by nipples, for a total of 6 lines (4 lateral and 2 central lines).
This product significantly lowers the cost of investment, and it is easily adaptable to any type of shed. It allows to increase by 20% the number of animals, that will be destined for conventional farms.