Aviary farming for pullets - France (25,000 pullets)

Country: France
Installation year: 2013
Number of houses: 1
Dimensions: m. 88.4x10x2.8 h
Useful surface: 1470 m2
Number of birds: 25.000§
House density: 17 pullets/m2

The installation consists of 2 rows each of 32 elements of GEMINI-D aviary. The length of each element is of 240 cm. The aviary is built on 3 tiers. Each tier is provided with two chain feeding lines FLATLINE , drinkers and a system of platforms with perches that allows the animals to move from one to another aviary.
The feed is ditributed by means of chain feeding loop. Each tier is provided with a loop (in this farm there are 6 loops in total). From the silo a cross auger SPIRALINE D.125 brings the feed into the columns and from columns into the hoppers.
The drinking system is supplied in every tier and made by multidirectional nipples height adjustable (n.6 drinking lines per aviary).
To guarantee an efficient cleaning each tier is provided with a polypropylene belt of 164 cm wide.
The whole installation is supplied with a longitudinal drying system assembled above the dejection belts. Dejections will be then conveyed by means of an indipendent cross belt.