Aviary farming for layers - Italy (90.240 layers)


Country: Italy
Installation year: 2010
N° of houses: 2
Dimension: 21,5x123 m
Total covered area: 5.289 mq
N° of layers: 90.240 (45.120 per house)
Density: 18,6 layers/mq

The installation consist of 5 rows each of 47 elements of LIBRA-D aviary. The width of each of 47 elements is of 266 cm. The aviary is built on two tiers. Each tier is provided with two chain feeding lines FLATLINE, drinkers and peches which allow birds to easily move from one tier to another one.
The feed is distribuited by means of chain feeding loops. Each tier is provided with a loop (in this farm there are 10 loops in total). From the silo a cross auger SPIRALINE brings the feed into the hoopers. Inside each element there are 4 nests roll into a polypropylene egg belt of 15 cm wide.
By means of 5 elevators eggs are collected from the aviary and gently laid on a egg conveyor CONVOY which  brings them into the eggs storage room. To guarantee an efficient cleaning each tier is provided with a polypropylene belt of 204 cm wide which carries the manure belt and this cross belt carries the manure outside the shed.