• Mobile poultry house on wheels
    • Area: up to 140 m2
    • Galvanized steel support structure
    • Sandwich panels insulation
    • Adjustable air inlets
    • Sliding side openings let the birds move freely

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MOBILE HOUSE Specifically studied for small farming of broilers or organic layers, it is supplied complete of inside equipment according to the norms on organic farmings. Made of a strong galvanised steel structure, with roof and walls realised by sandwich panels galvanised and painted on both sides. Polyurethane insulation 40 mm depth, curtain windows provided of polyethylene anti sparrow net, treated anti UV, easy to assemble. The mobile house is available in its standard dimension:

- Covered area m 9,2 x 15 - Height under gutter m 2,56
- Roof slope 25% - Total height m 3,72
- Capacity n. 720 layers or 1380 broilers