• Galvanized steel structure
    • Panels self sandwich plates
    • Insulation polyurethane avaible in various thicknesses
    • Many width avaible
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Steel structure

The structure is made of hot deep galvanized profiles, with cross-sections carefully designed according to the project.
The beams are bolted to the columns, which are fixed to the foundations by anchors; the calculation of foundations is not provided by SKA.
Roof panels are fixed to purlins; these ones are realized by cold formed steel profiles, hot deep galvanized, fixed to the frames by bolts.
The strength to the horizontal transversal forces is ensured by the frame, while the horizontal and longitudinal forces are counteracted by bracings, placed at specific distance one from the other.

Roof covering

The roof covering is realized by sandwich panels in double pre-painted steel sheet, with an
interposed high density spread polyurethane layer; the panels are externally greek shaped.
It is possible to choose among a wide range of thickness and colours, even if usually SKA
suggests White Grey (RAL9002) or Brick Red (RAL3009).


Internal and external walls are realized with sandwich panels, with a less accented greek
shape respect of the roof panels. Also for these panels is possible to choose thickness and
colours, even if usually SKA suggests White Grey (RAL3009).


It is possible to choose among different opening systems and materials, in base of the type of breeding.
Guillotine windows are characterized by a sliding opening system, and different dimensions are available; the closing can be realized with sandwich panels, polycarbonate panels or plastic curtains.
Wasistas window presents a rotational opening system with an hinged profile placed at the higher extremity; it is possible to provide different height measures, and can be utilized polycarbonate or sandwich panels.
All types of windows include the installation of an anti-sparrow galvanized mesh. A winch mounted on a steel fixing plate couples high functionality to pleasant aesthetical aspect.


Outlets are openings with the same working principle of guillotine windows, installed to let the animals go out.

Winter garden

Winter garden is realized on request, at one or both sides of the house; it allows the of the animals also during the bad season.

Ventilation systems

Different ventilation systems are available:
• the first solution is to install a motorized mobile ridge, allowing a certain air circulation. The mobile ridge is made by pre-painted steel sheet, with the same colour of the roof panels.
• The second solution is to use air inlets. They are realized in plastic material, and usually they are employed coupled with fans or with mobile ridge.
It is also possible to install cooling panels. They are made in special cellulose material, and inside of them the water can flow by fall; thanks the fan it is created an air flow which, passing through the panels, is considerably refreshed. The panels are dimensioned in base of the specifications of the breeding.

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