• Nylon cross bars to ensure the best egg quality
    • Convoy can overcome slopes up to 84% (40┬░)
    • Capacity of more than 20.000 eggs/hour
    • Speed 6 m/min
    • Clean eggs
    • Easy to extend to follow farm expansions
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‘Convoy' eggs conveyor system allows the transportation of eggs by means of single polypropylene plastic cross bar hooked to a chain. Thanks to the innovative shape it is possible to take over slopes of 40° (84% of slope) in both directions (ascent and descent) without rolling down the eggs or racking them. The principle that allows the eggs to get over 84% slopes without rolling them down is based on co-operation between the crossbars. The eggs can freely move themselves along the crossbar. Besides, it does not damage the eggs because it is made by rounded plastic design with no edges. It is easy to replace the crossbars, one by one, without being forced to dismount the entire system. The curves that are necessary to complete the ‘Convoy' conveyor system have a minimum radius versus the width of the system. Moreover, they do not take up too much space. The speed of the conveyor is 6 m/min. ‘Convoy' egg conveyor is easy adaptable to existing poultry equipment and allows the integration and synchronisation of eggs collection. The main characteristics of this product are:

  • Nylon cross bars to ensure the best egg quality.
  • Very tidy shape of the crossbar to guarantee cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Clean eggs.
  • Capacity of more than 20.000 eggs / hour.
  • 'Convoy' can overcome slopes up to 84% (40°).
  • Speed 6 m/min.
  • Very high flexibility in following the layout of the farm.
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • 'Convoy' can feed any type of farm packer or grader.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Easy to extend, to follow farm expansions.