• High interchangeability
    • 5 different sizes available: 50, 63, 75, 90, 125 mm
    • One or two ways systems
    • Two ways boots with outlets arranged in the same direction or in the opposite one
    • Horizontal and 45┬░ adaptors
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A major feature of the SPIRALINE system is the interchangeability of its components. Using the same basic parts, 1 or 2 way auger systems can be constructed. Feed can be picked up directly from the bulk bin by means of an inlet tube or a boot fitted with a shut off slide or from a free standing hopper. The bends allow the SPIRALINE system to be constructed to suit any desired layout.
The SPIRALINE system is available in 5 sizes, the outside diameters of the piping being 50, 63, 75, 90 et 125 mm.

Drive unit

With a wide choice of motors, direct drive, and belt drives the units are adaptable to every need. A safety micro-swicht is fitted and the drive unit can be used with drop tubes of 63, 80 and 100 mm diameter. 

Inlet pipe

The inlet pipe is supplied with a rubber seal, flange and agitator and can be fitted to any kind of bulk bin. It is only necessary to cut a hole in the auger box of the bulk bin and insert the inlet pipe. (Not available for SPIRALINE 75)


Available as single and double outlet units. The double unit can be arranged for the outlet to be in the same or opposite directions. The same boots can be used with both horizontal and 45 degree bulk bin adaptors. The boot can be closed off from the bulk bin by means of a shutter which is a standard fitting.


Where feed is not taken directly from a bulk bin a square hopper with a capacity of approximately 70 kg can be fitted to the boot. The same hopper can be used with either single or double outlet boots.


A large range of drops complete the SPIRALINE system making it suitable for installation in every type of farm.