• Specific for separate feeding of cockerels
    • Extremely robust
    • Ample access
    • Firmly clamped to the tubing
    • Simultaneous distribution on all pans
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LYRA-G pan feeder is a fully suspended feed pan and auger system, conceived and designed for cockerels in houses with separate male and female sex feeders.
Because of feed rationing the cockerels, always powerful and aggressive birds, are highly motivated to eat very quickly as soon as the feed appears.
The ideal feed pan has to be very strong and very stable, with a minimum of restriction of access.
SKA with their expertise and long experience have been able to meet these criteria in the design of the LYRA-G feeder. Firmly attached to the auger pipe, allowing a uniform distribution and feed level.
The auger conveyor has also been carefully designed to quickly deliver a quantity of fresh feed into all the pans in the line as soon as the auger starts running.
This is achieved by the use of a wider pitch auger, a high speed drive unit. Special outlet slots in the galvanized steel tubes, which are positioned according to a progressive pattern calculated by SKA ensure simultaneous delivery of feed in all the pans.