• Great reliability and flexibility
    • Vast range of models and solutions
    • Easy to use and service
    • Can be completely winched
    • Deal for breeders with separate sex feeding
    • High value for money
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Flatline chain feeder allows a great flexibility of the feeding system, all the components are easy to install and to locate wherever is most convenient. Accessories can be added at any time so that the system can develop and grow according to the need.The extremely versatile concept of independent hopper and independent drive unit gives maximum choice when planning the feeding system.The drive units can be attached to the hopper in situations where traditional lay-outs are desirable. Independent hoppers Made of painted steel sheet. Available in different versions 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 tracks, with a capacity of approximately 150 kg. Hopper extensions are available to increase the capacity in increments of about 100 kg. The support legs are easily adjustable in height. Hopper dimensions: 72 cm x 101 cm x 72 cm high. Corner hopper It allows a simple lay-out of a fully suspended 1 track circuit. The corner hopper is very compact, with a capacity of approximately 18 kg of feed. Its installation replaces a corner.   Independent drive units They can be fitted in any position along the circuit. Available in different versions 1 or 2 tracks, with different chain speeds: Low speed: 12 m/min Medium speed: 19 m/min High speed: 19 and 38 m/min Direct drive with motor and gearbox.   Feed return rollers Optional for every type of hopper, easy to install at any time. They help feed to re-enter the bin when the level in the trough is increased.   Feed cleaner To remove shavings and foreign objects from the system. Can be fitted anywhere in the circuit.   Corners Designed to change direction through 90° or 135°. The wheels, in combination with synthetic bushes allow smooth operation even at high speeds. The chain guide rails and other stressed components are made from hardened steel.