• Very strong
    • Two pans to follow the growth of the turkeys
    • Easy replacement of the pans
    • Centralized feed level adjustment
    • No feed waste
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SUPERPITO is designed to adapt itself to modern conditions in turkey rearing.

During the last 10 years weights reached by male turkeys, have risen by over 20% and feeding these animals requires specific feed pans.
SUPERPITO follows the growth of the turkey because it is equipped with two special, interchangeable plastic easily washable pans, especially designed for the two different growing periods.
The «low» pan, is designed to feed the young turkeys as much as they want from day-old, while preventing them to get inside of it. The «high» pan, particularly wide and deep with ample capacity, follows the development of the turkey and feeds it correctly without waste.
The much more strict hygiene standards, now applied to farms, convinced SKA to replace, where possible, metal parts with synthetic materials at the same time maintaining the original sturdiness of the feeder.


SUPERPITO is efficient and economical. Its installation is easily controlled and it can be raised by a ceiling mounted winch. The adjustment of the feed level is centralised,
thanks to the exclusive SKA patent. All these features guarantee economy and reduce the use of labour to a minimum.