• Double trough
    • The only drinker designed for the entire life of the flock
    • Stainless steel trough
    • Robust
    • Great hygiene
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New patented trough turkey drinker

Farmers world-wide need a turkey drinker suitable from young poults to slaughter age, which ensures constant clean water supply, dry litter and light maintenance.
In order to meet these needs, after rigorous testing and the careful study of the birds behaviour, SKA has developed GIANO new turkey drinker.

 Double trough shape

With its special design of the double trough, the drinker can be used for the entire flock:
- from 8 to 40 days GIANO is positioned according to figure 1
- from 40 days up to end of flock GIANO is positioned according to figure 2.
Using a special device GIANO allows to use the same floating valve for both the stages. The double shape gives another advantage since GIANO discourage birds to step on it. In both the positions the upper trough do not allow the turkeys to perch on the drinker.

Save water with GIANO

Thanks to its back shield which stops the drops and takes them back inside the trough. Wall and litter remain therefore dry.


GIANO is self-cleaning thanks to its peculiar shape.