With HYDRA, saving money is reality

Since 2000 SKA produces HYDRA, the automatic washer designed to clean any type of slats. Two years after being launched in the market, it gained the INNOV'SPACE award at the Space exhibition in Rennes (France) as "most innovative" product.

The most important feature of this product was to cut the farmers costs. It proved to be the most successful slat washer on the market since it allowed to save time, speeding up the cleaning process, and water, the most valuable and precious resource on Earth.

The HYDRA slat washer washes 100-150 slats/hour, depending on the type of slat and the amount of dirt, comparing to a standard pressure washer which can allow only 16-20 slats/hour.

The main characteristics of the HYDRA slat cleaner are:

  • stainless steel structure;
  • completely automatic;
  • easy to move around;
  • save up to 80% more water;
  • it can be operated by one person.

This is a product designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer: the best slat cleaning solution to be more environmentally friendly and reduce labor costs.

SKA ensures assistance everywhere in France with APBS

To offer a better service to customers assisting them during the installation phase, the sales department has established APBS: a maintenance and installation team of SKA equipment providing an after-sale service in the entire french territory.

In order to move closer to the immediate needs of the clients, the headquarter of APBS in Neuvic-sur-l'Isle (Dordogne), will have a wide  range of spare parts for chain feeding, automatic nests, egg conveyor, nipple drinkers, pan feeders and cross augers. Readily available SKA parts will be delivered in France within 48 hours.

SKA ensures assistance everywhere in France with APBS

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